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Marc Zaref_Silvermine_2022_8468_edited.jpg

Book Board Boogie-Woogie

Installed at The Silvermine Galleries, New Canaan, CT, February 2022

Color, like music is often described with words such as rhythm, harmony and melody. They both allow the artist/musician limitless combinations–vibrations, contrasts, contradictions and patterns.

Marc Zaref_Silvermine_2022_8497 copy.jpg

Book board installations begin with the deconstruction of case-bound books- all destined for recycling. I then reassemble the linen and/or paper wrap covers materials to form individual panels. Then, the music begins... Color theory, pattern, harmonies and contradictions are assembled in a free and improvisational manner. Color associations may draw the viewer into an area of the piece, perhaps triggering memories, emotions or simply personal tastes. Then, an unlikely surprise, may dazzle the eye. 

Marc Zaref_Silvermine_2022_8570 copy.jpg



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