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Sculpture: Steel Gatherings

Defiance_ 20 inch sections_9333.jpg

Sculpture: Steel Gatherings
Opera Series

A cast of characters—each contributing their unique dramatic role in a performance. I form segments of steel components by heating, bending and cutting. Orchestrated and welded into place, I complete the piece as the composer. Finished in white enamel, the sculpture has a paper-like appearance contradicting the material. In addition, it emphasizes uniformity and enables the drama of light and shadows to enhance the performance.

Marc Zaref_Opera Series_02_.jpg
Marc Zaref_Opera Series_01-1_.jpg

Sculpture: Steel Gatherings


Marc Zaref_Red 3 _1733.jpg

Sculpture: Steel Gatherings

Asymmetric Balance

Marc Zaref_Sculpture_6665_sm.jpg
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