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A project honoring Ukrainian solidarity 

Inspired by the resilience and courage of the citizens of Ukraine, this series of sculptures symbolize their resistance and the free world's reaction and support of solidarity. The form, derived from the "Czech Hedgehog," a simple, yet effective wartime structure created as an obstacle for tanks and armored vehicles. 

Yellow (gold) and blue follow the Ukrainian flag, now, international recognition of Ukrainian defiance, democracy, and freedom. As the structure requires three elements to support one another, I chose white as a symbolic element of international support and world peace.

The Czech Hedgehog

Most commonly seen in historic WWII images on the beaches of Normandy, the Germans lined them in rows to thwart off the allied invasion. The Germans originally saw their effectiveness in 1938 during their invasion of Czechoslovakia and how these structures earned their name.

Engineered with "I"  beams or other types of structural sections, they have also been made by materials at hand. Railroad tracks and ties, rebar, and scrap metal of all kinds. The assembly of three forms as equal length cross pieces is what makes them functional. No matter how they are positioned, they are effective.


Defending Kyiv

In the first weeks of February 2022, as Russian armored vehicles entered Kyiv, they encountered many of these structures set in rows in the streets. Placed by the Ukrainian military, they proved to be effective obstacles. Since then, a remarkable effort has been made by ordinary Ukrainian citizens. Office workers, tradesmen, artists. Individuals from all walks of life, with little or no welding or fabrication experience, have been contributing to the war effort by making these structures.

About the project 

The sculptures are engineered for expedited fabrication and acquisition of materials. They are installed as single or multiple units in either interior or exterior environments.


As an artist, I am grateful to have the ability to contribute a visual voice bringing attention to the Ukrainian people and their plight to defend their home and democracy. 

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