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Marc Zaref_Wix Strip_Lines Planes_3.jpg

Sculpture: Planes and Lines

Planes and Lines series of sculptures examine relationships of individual elements and how they interact with each other. Sometimes it is about the forms: the shapes, lines and the spaces between. Other times it is the shadows projected on adjacent forms or the ground. Sometimes it is about light emphasizing a singular plane or line. 

3 Planes 2 Lines_Sculpture Grounds_8103.jpg
Marc Zaref_Lines and Planes_FC Courtyard
2 Planes_3 Lines_P1_69291.jpg
Marc Zaref2 Planes_3 Lines_P1_Detail_692

The balance of these forms and how they rely on each other, create a visual composition that makes sense. At an exhibition. with Planes and Lines on view, an engineer described how she was intrigued by its factors… mathematical I assume… how it balanced and the structure’s support of its own elements. It is refreshing to arrive at a similar place 

Marc Zaref_3 planes 3 Lines_sm_5059.jpg
Marc Zaref_3 planes 3 Lines_sm_5054.jpg
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